A Mediaeval Masterpiece : The Hotel-Dieu at Beaune – Christopher Herbert

Nicholas Rolin, one of the most powerful men in Western Europe in the 15th century, created the Hotel-Dieu at Beaune. What stories lie behind this beautiful masterpiece? What can we learn about van der Weyden’s Last Judgement in the main ward? What light can this shed on the medieval way of life?


Christopher Herbert

Has lectured at the National Gallery, the Courtauld Institute, King’s College, London, Westminster Abbey, and the University of Rikkyo in Japan, and at churches and cathedrals throughout England and in Italy. Was until recently Bishop of St Albans and a member of the House of Lords. He has an MPhil and PhD in Art History from the University of Leicester. Created Visiting Professor in Christian Ethics in the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey, and has also been awarded two honorary doctorates and is an honorary citizen of Fano, Italy.