Children’s Book Illustrations  – John Ericson

As adults we carry in our heads a huge number of images from childhood and probably some of those most deeply etched come from illustrations in books that we read as children.  Images of ‘Tigger’ and ‘Toad’ drawn by E.H. Shepard will probably remain with us for ever!  In addition many of us will carry in our mind’s eye pictures from children’s classics such as ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘Treasure Island’ – or even ‘The tiger who came to tea’ that we may have discovered and read to our grandchildren!  In this lecture we will not only consider a range of book illustrations but also the intriguing lives of famous illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and Howard Pyle. In addition we will explore how the interaction of image and narrative creates such powerful memories.

John Ericson

 Formerly a lecturer at the University of Bath where he was Director of Studies in the School of Education with responsibility for the professional development of teachers. His principal areas of research were course design and the role of pictures in both teaching and learning. He also found time to teach presentation skills to his academic colleagues, a topic close to his heart! He has worked extensively overseas as an educational consultant and this has given him the opportunity to give lectures and presentations at conferences all over the world. In 2008 and again in 2011, he undertook extensive lecture tours of Australia and New Zealand. As well as the talks he has developed from his professional background, he offers presentations on an eclectic range of topics that are derived from his diverse interests and enthusiasms such as antique corkscrews, the Shakers of North America and Norman Rockwell.