Mass Manufacture vs Hand-craftmanship in the late 19th Century.

During the 1880s and 1890s two remarkable and opposing developments took place. Both, for quite different reasons, failed at the time and yet both were to have a significant influence on what followed.

With this talk, Ian will first look at the remarkable ideas and designs of Dresser who it may be said was the first true industrial designer and who introduced the principals of functionalism into design.

Then Ian will go on to examine Ashbee and the development of the ‘Guild of Handicrafts’ which put into effect, for silver, the arts and crafts ideas introduced by William Morris.

Ian Pickford

Freeman of the Goldsmiths’ Company, Freeman of the City of London. Lecturer University of London, University of Surrey, V&A, National Trust, The Art Fund. Broadcasts on both television and radio. Author. Editor ‘Jackson’s Silver & Gold Marks’. Visits available to collections of silver throughout the UK – in museums, livery companies, colleges, cathedrals and corporate collections.