Thursday 25 July 2013 2.30pm

This lecture will introduce the arts and crafts of Vietnam, a country which has had to fight for its’ national identity politically speaking, but which has, in fact always had its’own identity in the field of arts and crafts. Influenced by maritime traders from Hindu India and conquerors of the Khmer and Thai, by Buddhist and Chinese philosophies and latterly by French Colonial administration, all have tried and often succeeded in dominating this country through the centuries. In spite of this, Vietnam has in fact its’ own cultural and artistic tradition particularly in the field of ceramics.

Ann has travelled much in the Far East and specialised in that area as well as in European Art. Through research on a South Indian dynasty which went further East, she was led to Vietnam which she then began to research and to discover its rich heritage. She lectures and teaches in a wide range of educational establishments including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Art Fund, University of Kent, Coloma College of Education, Holloway Prison and Guys Hospital

Mrs Anne Peerless