24th Jan -The Story of the Great Omar Binding (Domonic Riley)

28th Feb – Raphael, Painter of Perfection (Paula Nuttall)

28th Mar – Mycenae – Rich in Gold (Steve Kershaw)

25th Apr – It Will Never Show! Designing Historical Costumes for Film and Television ( Anna Buruma)

23rd May  – Sevres Porcelain (Jane Gardiner)

27th June  – The Seaside Holiday in Art (Nicholas Reed)

25th July  – An Enduring Tradition : Arts and Crafts of Vietnam (Mrs Anne Peerless)

26th September – Venice as a Colonial Power (Mrs Nirvana Rommell)

24th October – From Riches to Rags : The Huguenots of Spitlafields (Mrs Sue Jackson)

28th November – Excess Baggage : The Journey of the Magi (Mrs Shirley Smith)