The City of London is a unique entity. Through the centuries various civilisations left behind them remnants of their cultures. Thus, as you walk the streets of the City you tread on centuries of history in layers under your feet. William I, in 1066, recognised the acumen of the City’s citizens and granted them privileges imbedded in the Magna Carter in 1215 and enjoyed to this day. By 1155 the first grant of a charter by the monarch to the weavers took place and the City Livery Companies have not looked back since. Initially as a guild system and today as charitable institutions which maintain the ancient traditions whilst enjoying social and most pleasant activities.

 Yasha Beresiner

Qualified as a lawyer from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has lived in England since 1963. Has lectured extensively to antiques collector’s clubs, the Rotary Club, Women’s Institute, Masonic Societies and Red & Blue Badge Guide audiences. He is a qualified City of London guide and a past Master of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards. As well as various magazine articles, other publications include The City of London Masonic Guide (2006), A Collector’s Guide to Paper Money, and British County Maps.