Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski

Janusz has lectured on antique furniture since 1975 and has been in the NADFAS Directory since 1982. He has lectured to over 300 NADFAS societies including those in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, The Hague and Spain.  His interest in antique furniture developed during his days as an undergraduate, when he worked part-time in an antique shop, which he came to take over as proprietor. Such was his interest in collecting that he became known as the dealer who bought but never sold! His lectures seek to explain furniture in terms of the skills and materials employed in its design and construction and also its socio-economic significance.


The Genius of Robert Adam

An examination of neo-classic furniture in the context of the Grand Houses and rooms for which it was intended. Adam’s name has become an epithet for his architectural and interior design work, which is characterised by a remarkable and often overwhelming expression of stylistic and chromatic unity. Neither a furniture designer nor maker, he did, however, design a number of pieces for specific locations within his room designs. His style was interpreted and adapted by celebrated cabinetmakers, who produced furniture that made “charming harmony” with his interiors.