Thursday 4th September 2014 Leader: Henry Middleton

The Tudor Warship ‘Mary Rose’ and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Many people still have vivid memories of the exciting live television coverage on 11th October 1982 of the raising of Henry VIII’s flagship ‘Mary Rose’ after 437 years in her watery grave at Spithead. She was then transported on a barge to a temporary museum in Portsmouth Dockyard where she has undergone a very long process of conservation. That process is now nearing completion and the ship has recently been redisplayed in a new award-winning museum building, along with many of the rare and exciting Tudor artefacts discovered within and without the vessel both before and after her raising. By the time of our visit it is hoped that additional display galleries will be newly-opened, thus adding to the interest of our visit.

Our all-inclusive admission tickets to the Dockyard give us the opportunity to visit other historic maritime attractions such as Nelson’s flagship HMS ‘Victory’, the mid-19th century iron warship HMS ‘Warrior’, the Museum of the Royal Navy and many others. Our four-hour stay should give ample opportunity to visit many of these. There is a wide range of catering outlets across the site, providing a range of refreshments to taste from light snacks to three course meals – or bring a picnic.

Coach boarding points are (1) Lidl, High Street, at 8.15 or (2) Tonbridge Farm Sports Ground, Darenth Ave at 8.30, returning at approximately 6.30p.m.