August 2015

Tonbridge DFAS have sponsored the making of the costumes for the River Drama course for young people with learning difficulties in their shortened production of “Guys and Dolls”. The performances at the Oast Theatre on 7th and 8th of August were fantastically enthusiastic and greatly enjoyed by participants and audience alike.

River Drama Dolls


March 2013

Ightham Primary School : Mosaic Workshop

On March 27th, Elm Class at Ightham Primary school were very lucky to have a local artist, Andrea Fardon, come to work with them.
The class had worked on their own design ideas for a mosaic that would represent the school and that could be put up indoors. Their design ideas included their woodland, school logo and the children at school. Andrea took the children’s designs and took elements from two of them to come up with a mosaic design based on the logo.

When Andrea came in, she worked with groups of children to complete the mosaic. The children were taught how to cut up the tiles using ‘nibblers’ and how to glue them in place. They each had a section to work on and they really loved how much of it they could do themselves (and how much mess they could make!)

Andrea took the mosaic away at the end of the day to grout it and brought it back to school the next day. It’s great to have a mosaic that the children have designed themselves as well as have a part in making it, from the tile cutting to the sticking down. The class will be installing the mosaic in the main school building shortly for all to see!

Tonbridge NADFAS were thanked for the funding of this project which was provided from raffle profits from their monthly meetings.  It was a great experience for the class and has given them something that will last a very long time!

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